The stone shaping saw is a machine with bridge construction designed for cutting stone plates. The adjusting motion of the machine is the beam's travel (of the whole machine) along the tracks placed on the foundations. The working motion is the move of support with spindle and disc along the beam with precisely milled guide bars.


The stone shaping saw is equipped with: the rotary worktable blocked every 90 degrees, the angle of slider's inclination to a maximum 45 degrees, the setting of the spindle's fall (the depth of the cut), the adjustable speed control and the setting of cutting width with a manual zero adjustment.

The rotary table blocked every 90 degrees allows cutting the material at a right angle without additional stone plate movement.

Slider's inclination to a max.45 degrees allows cutting at an angle in the whole scale of the disc's height. The fall's depth is set according to the type of material, the quality of the cutting disc.

The adjustable speed control allows setting the optimal cutting speed, fast setting move, stopping and withdrawing the disc at every time, and milling by using the disk cutters.

There are three modes of work. In the manual mode an operator runs the machine directly from control panel. During the automatic mode the machine cuts through the stone plate after setting the width of the cut and the depth of the saw's fall, after cutting lifts up to the upper extreme position and turns off. At this time an operator can do some other work. A third option is the electronic multiple cuts programmer with the LCD display of the cut's width. The machine can be enriched with additional equipment.


  • cutting length 3000 mm,
  • cutting width 3000 mm,
  • regulated depth of the cutting disc fall (depth of cut),
  • smooth control of cutting speed,
  • setting of cutting width,
  • rotary table blocked every 90 degrees,
  • machine mounted on a foundation.

Basic parameters:

Dimensions of machine 3500x5300x4500 mm
Disc diameter 1200 mm
Work area 3000x3000 mm
Table dimensions 1500x2700 mm
Power supply 18 kW / 400V / 20 A / 50 Hz
Spindle speed Constant, acc. Individual arrangements
Frame drive Vr=0-3,5 m/min / PS=0,75 kW
Support drive Vw=0-5 m/min / PS=0,75 kW
Lifting and lowering of the support Vs=21 cm/min / PS=0,75 kW
Angle of slider's inclination 0-45°
Water consumption 40 l/min
Weight 2900 kg


Available the following models:

model control
PPF/1200/3000x3000/M manual
PPF/1200/3000x3000/FA automatic of multiple cuts
PPF/1200/3000x3000/MA manual + automatic of single cuts
PPF/1200/3000x3000/MFA manual + automatic of multiple cuts

Additional equipment :

  • Increasing the size of the worktable to 1700x3000
  • Rotary table blocked in every 45 degrees
  • Laser visualization of cutting line
  • Compact metal construction (instead of the foundations)
  • Electrical inclination of support
  • Worktable with manual lifter (thin stone plates)
  • Worktable with hydraulic lifter (maximum capacity 850 kg)
  • Worktable top with hydraulic lifted multidirectional rollers
  • Smooth control of motor speed (18 kw)
  • Water electrovalve

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